Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

Rose Tonnerre

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

Rose Tonnerre


Parfumeur: Edouard Fléchier

Une Rose d'Edouard Fléchier associe la volupté de cette fleur mythique à un accord de truffe profond, sensuel et mystérieux.

L'éclat fruité et miellé de l'absolue rose turque est ici serti de géranium, de camomille et de lie de vin. Le vétiver, le patchouli et le castoréum, quant à eux, créent ce lien intime entre la peau et le parfum végétal de la fleur.

Une Rose semble émaner de l'être qui le porte. On y respire les richesses de la terre, l'odeur d'une rose de jardin qui aurait été saisie par ses racines.

Une rose de virtuose.

Notes de tête: Géranium, Lie de Vin.
Notes de coeur: Absolu de Rose turque.
Notes de fond: notes animales, notes boisées, truffe.

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Each order is unique and we always take great pleasure in preparing them with the utmost care. For orders above 150€ in the Benelux, we do not charge delivery costs.

For the delivery conditions for other countries, follow this link, in order to know the shipping rates. For deliveries outside Europe, please contact our e-shop service at the following e-mail address: sales@senteursdailleurs.com.

The story

Because Les Editions de Parfums was created to give free rein to the imagination of artists with very different styles, the house's compositions do not illustrate a common aesthetic, on the contrary, they are very diverse.

Yet there are two points in common to all these creations: a stripped-down - almost minimal - olfactory writing that leaves room only for the essential, and also the fact that each of these fragrances is not worked to be simply a beautiful scent, but to become one with the person who will wear it. The house's collection is increasingly important because, out of respect for designers and customers, Frédéric Malle doesn't want to publish ephemeral scents.

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