Sydney Rock Pool - Eau de Parfum


Sydney Rock Pool - Eau de Parfum


Minéral, ambré, musqué Golden Hour, Janvier 2016, Sydney. Les vagues s'écrasent contre les rochers de grès tandis que les peaux brillent sous le soleil brulant australien. La brise marine qui embrasse les corps sortant de l’eau est chargée du parfum subtil de la mer, du sel, des rochers, des jasmins et des frangipaniers. Accord minéral, accord de peau de noix de coco, bois de santal australien, note de Driftwood, absolu de Narcisse, frangipanier, jasmin sambac de, algues, ambermax, accord de sel de mer.Eau de Parfum développée avec Rodriguo Florès Roux ...

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The story

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The story

A link between History, Architecture and Perfume...

Architectural history has the particularity of transporting us physically into the past, allowing us to understand its meaning. In a synesthetic experience of architecture, what we feel and smell is just as important as what we see. In essence, architecture is experience.

For Arquiste, the research carried out for the creation of a fragrance inspired by real-life experiences is just as complete as the research that leads to the restoration of an old building. Under construction, the clues justify the structure.

Through the meticulous search for authentic sources, the analysis of a specific time and place begins. Through the study of building materials, the literary history of the place and the site itself, the olfactory experience becomes more understandable.

Arquiste wishes to interpret the past in the present through perfume in order to link the olfactory memory to great moments in history.

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