Marc-Antoine Barrois

Ganymede - Extrait de Parfum

Marc-Antoine Barrois

Ganymede - Extrait de Parfum


In the distance, the surf can be heard. The wind gently sweeps a field of immortelle. The sun, relentless, warms the spicy, almost liquorish smell of these yellow flowers. Without respite, the waves caress the dune. The wind rises and provokes sandy gusts, with leathery, heady notes - incense, myrrh? Grains of sand rise then, incandescent. The rock outcrops, the akigalawood and the mandarin bring minerality and freshness. The air then becomes bewitching. 

Notes: Immortelle, Frankincense, Myrrh, Safraleine, Akigalawood, Mandarin. 

Who wears it?  

A person of wild beauty and impetuous charm. It seduces easily, showing a racy elegance of a racy elegance, out of the ordinary. Its sensual power sweeps everything in its path. 

50 ML

The story

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The story

B683 is the result of the meeting of two young creators. One is a couturier, the other is a perfumer, and it was childhood memories that brought them together. Those bewitching scents of character; the leather of an elegant briefcase or an impeccable desk pad; and the woody and vegetal scents in reference to memories of warm homes as well as family walks in the forest. The artistic direction of the former and the olfactory talent of the latter have made the magic of this beautiful fragrance with spicy, leathery and woody accords.

Composed by perfumer Quentin Bisch, Ganymede reprises the leathery-dolly notes that made B683 a beautiful classic. But this time, they break free of traditional codes to take us elsewhere, towards a luminous and fluid elegance. They soften and gain in lightness and softness of touch when in contact with violet, while mandarin orange brings its full, tangy liveliness. It is the mandarin orange that sets the tone and verticality of the fragrance as soon as it takes flight, and facing it, the immortal tangerine becomes in counterpoint to enhance the harmony of its facets, sometimes mineral and sometimes salty.

The whole composition plays on contrasts and oppositions. The notes answer each other in a permanent dialogue to draw a new olfactory map on the skin, on the lapel of a cashmere jacket or there, near the buttonhole, just at the hollow of the wrist. If there had to be an image, it would be this one of the four cardinal points: in the north, we'd have the zesty vivacity of mandarin orange, which in the south, the immortal flower responds to, and, to underline the olfactory framework, the density of the leathery-soft notes. To the west is balanced by the floral delicacy of violet to the east. Four points for a perfume escape towards a new imagination and other codes of elegance.

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