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A holistic approach to well-being and beauty.

An unexpected interlude, hidden away in the wings of the Haute Cosmétique area. Tucked away in the very chic upper part of the town of Brussels, the Institut Senteurs d’Ailleurs invites you to discover not only ‘Haute Cosmétique’ treatments for the face and body. The space, with its refined, elegant lines, is a genuine invitation to relaxation and well-being.

Discover treatment formulas at the cutting edge of developments in cosmetics, beauty routines suited to your specific needs, but also personalised make-up sessions. An opportunity to treat yourself or, why not, to spoil a loved one. Indeed, you can offer an Institut Senteurs d'Ailleurs gift voucher for the amount of your choice.

Paola, Nathalie and Emma, our three experienced beauticians, will guide you to the heart of this extremely refined boudoir space and, depending on your requirements or desires, provide the full range of body and facial treatments, with priority given to the expertise of the prestigious La Mer, Dermalogica, Mansard and Biologique Recherche brands.

Our types of care

Treatments with booster
75 minutes (1 booster) 135 euros To offer 90 minutes (2 boosters) 165 euros To offer 90 minutes (1 booster) + second skin booster 200 euros To offer

For a specific, intensive treatment

Treatment with booster + 1 Cofactor
90-minute treatment: 1 booster + Face and neck Cofactor Biologique Féérie195 euros To offer 90-minute treatment: 1 booster + Cofactor Biovecteur Marin175 euros To offer 90-minute treatment: 1 booster + Cofactor Collagène Caviar Mask185 euros To offer

Boosters and cofactors are always chosen at the time of treatment - following assessment and discussion with your aesthetician - and are based on your Skin Instant© and the desired result.

1. Boosters

Moisturising and Smoothing Booster

Restructuring and smoothing treatment, for revitalised skin. A skin reconditioning and toning treatment, suitable for all Skin Instants©. The skin on your face, neck and décolleté is drained, smoothed, and toned. The Hyaluronic Acid- and Rhizobium-based complex will smooth the skin, while Royal Jelly will have a regenerating effect and amino acids will deeply moisturise.

Plumping and Regenerating Booster

Lotion MC 110 No. 1 and No. 2 to reduce wrinkles. No. 1 for fine to normal Skin Instants© and No. 2 for thick, dull Skin Instants©. A treatment that reduces lines and wrinkles. The skin on your face, neck and décolleté is toned and redefined.

Lifting and Toning Booster

Lift C.V.S treatment for lifted, toned skin. An exfoliating, lifting treatment combined with modelling techniques for mature Skin Instants© (helps fight sagging skin, lack of tonicity). The skin is smoothed, firm and toned.

Brightening Booster

Exfoliating P50 Face Mask for more purified skin. An exfoliating, regenerating mask for dull, keratinous Skin Instants© and/or pigmentation irregularities. The skin is unified, smooth, and radiant.

Exfoliating and Smoothing Booster

Peeling aux acides de fruits, for redefined skin. An exfoliating, regenerating treatment for wrinkled, keratinised and/or thick, dull, marked skin. A booster with and intense exfoliating action with a botanical concentrate of fruit and flower acids. The skin is smoothed and redefined.

Oxygenating and Anti-pollution Booster

VIPO2 Booster for more radiant skin. A treatment that detoxifies and stimulates the epidermis to reoxygenate cutaneous tissue for dull Skin Instants© suffering from urban pollution. The complexion is given an incredible boost, the skin is brighter and more radiant.

Regenerating and Plumbing Electro-woven Booster

Second Skin Booster. A world premiere in professional cosmetics, this regenerating and lifting treatment is designed with an 80% pharmaceutical grade, hyaluronic acid, electro-woven mask for weathered Skin Instants©.

2. Cofactors

To achieve an even more visible result from your treatment, we suggest including a pre-shaped mask (Biologique Féérie Face and Neck, Biovecteur Marin, Collagène Caviar) that adapts to the shape of your face. While wearing the mask, you will receive an arm and/or foot massage, depending on the length of the treatment. Full treatment lasts 90 minutes.

Biologique Féérie face and neck mask is suitable for all Skin Instants©. Thanks to its high collagen content and bio-marine complexes, it instantly plumps the contours of the face. The skin on your face, neck and décolleté is drained, smoothed, and toned.

The Biovecteur Marin mask is an energising, antioxidant treatment that uses red algae from Brittany and is suitable for mature, tired, and marked Skin Instants©.

The Collagène Caviar mask is ideal for Skin Instants© that are devitalised and dehydrated with poor skin tone and dilated pores. It has multiple benefits: it intensely hydrates the skin, the collagen extract has a firming effect, and the caviar extract provides better skin regeneration to its beauty.

3. Treatments steps and metodology

Biologique Recherche’s Methodology is founded on 40 years of experience and is based on unique, personalised skincare protocols adapted to each person’s Skin Instant©. Suitable for both men and women, Biologique Recherche treatments always follow three main steps:

Step 1: The Assessment Phase

Before your treatment, the Biologique Recherche aesthetician carries out a thorough dermo-cosmetic diagnosis to pinpoint your specific Skin Instant©. The diagnostic is also carried out based on the questionnaire you receive prior to your appointment at our institute. This means we have an overall and detailed idea of the treatment protocol that will be the most suitable for your Skin Instant©.

Step 2: The Initialisation Phase

The treatment protocol begins with personalised preparation of your epidermis – the ultimate shield that protects against the aggressions of the outside world. This follows a specific, rigorous ritual based on :

  • Thorough cleansing of your skin combined with a massage.

  • Preparing your skin using the brand’s iconic Lotion P50, and a face mask.

Step 3: The Treatment Phase

This stage includes products with the highest concentration of active ingredients, to ‘recondition’ the epidermis and intensify its potential for self-regeneration:

  • The choice of targeted and quintessential serums selected specifically by the Biologique Recherche expert

  • By adding active plant or bio-marine ingredients, the finishing creams, and serums, adapted to your skin and its needs, optimise, and consolidate the action of the treatment. Reconditioned in this way, your skin recovers its elasticity, and your face its volume and natural oval.

The Dermalogica Face Treatment
A result oriented 100% personalised facial
75 Minute125 euros To offer 90 Minute150 euros To offer

A personalised skin treatment, which allows our skincare therapists to radically improve your skin’s health and appearance. Each treatment starts with an extensive consultation and an exclusive skin analysis – Face Mapping, which allows the therapist to identify skin imbalances, as well as needs and deficiencies. Consequently, every treatment will efficiently treat the ever-changing condition of your skin. Highly concentrated professional products, expertly executed exfoliation, extractions and aroma-therapeutic massage techniques guarantee a treatment that strikes the perfect balance between stunning results and complete relaxation.

ProPower Peel (1 after care kit included)
1 treatment : 60 Minute130 euros To offer 3 treatment : 60 Minute375 euros To offer

Ultra-effective and completely customized, this comprehensive 60 minute treatment uses our most powerful peel yet with advanced techniques to thoroughly address the skins ever-changing needs. The powerful peel smooths skin while targeting individual skin concerns fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, acne, scarring and rosacea, for a completely customized experience.The skin is transformed leaving it with a fresh and brighter tone.

Dermalogica Microzone (add-on treatment)
15 Minute25 euros To offer

A 15 minute add-on to your 75 minute facial for those who require a little more time to remove all impurities such as black-heads, micro-cysts and milia from the skin. Alternatively, this additional time can be used to treat a specific area of the face or body. Example : Eye rescue, Lip renewal, Nourishing hand treatment, Purifying back treatment.

Dermalogica Touch Therapy (add-on treatment)
15 Minute25 euros To offer

Make your Dermalogica Face treatment the ultimate relaxing experience by adding an additional 15 minute of pure relaxing massage to your treatment focusing on one of the following areas: Head and scalp / Arms and hands / Back / Feet.

The Story of La Mer is a healing story inspired by the regenerative powers of the sea.
The Revitalizing Facial
75 Minute150 euros To offer

This luxurious facial energizes the skin, reawakening its natural vitality. The relaxing journey starts with a personalised cleansing routine and a gentle exfoliation with finely ground diamond dust. A sequence of acupressure and relaxing facial massages ensue followed by a detoxifying and relaxing eye contour massage. A generous application of the legendary « Crème de la Mer » reinforces the benefits of this exceptional treatment. TM. We finish with a therapeutic massage of the hands and arms completing the experience and giving you an intense sense of well-being.

A ritual designed for you
The harmony of the Spa and efficiency
The Spa Body Treatment
90 Minute160 euros To offer

A three part ritual for the body with natural ingredients inspired by the most beautiful gardens and forests of the world.

A walk in the imperial garden of Kyoto

  • Exfoliation with detoxifying green tea scrub.
  • A detoxifying body wrap with three varieties of tea.
  • Relaxing massage with Asian tea oils to hydrate and eliminate toxins.

A stop over in the garden of Taraho’i

  • Gentle exfoliation with coconut and litchi pulp.
  • A nourishing body wrap with coconut nectar and tiaré flowers.
  • Intensely hydrating massage with rich coconut oil.

Discovery of the Amazonian rainforest

  • A silky smooth skin after an exfoliation with cocoa and orange.
  • An invigorating body wrap with cupuaçu butter.
  • An energetic massage with cocooning coffee, tea and guarana infused oils.

Relaxing or energizing full body massage
60 Minute95 euros To offer 90 Minute140 euros To offer 120 Minute180 euros To offer

Body exfoliation and Massage
60 Minute100 euros To offer

The La Mer Ultimate Experience
135 Minute245 euros To offer

This lavish treatment combines exceptional body care with an energizing and revitalizing facial.

Your pampering experience will commence with a top to toe body exfoliation with finely ground diamond dust, removing all dead skin cells, giving vitality and lustre to the skin’s appearance. Once prepared, the skin is now ready for a relaxing and nourishing body massage with the « La Mer Body Crème », including a reflexology massage of the feet.

The next stage of the journey is a luxurious facial energizing the skin and reawakening its natural vitality. A personalised cleansing routine is performed and a gentle exfoliation with finely ground diamond dust. A sequence of acupressure and relaxing facial massages ensue followed by a detoxifying and relaxing eye contour massage. A generous application of the legendary « Crème de la Mer » reinforces the benefits of this exceptional treatment. We finish with a therapeutic massage of the hands and arms completing the experience and giving you an intense sense of well-being.

booking ONLY BY PHONE +32 2 511 69 69 OR BY E-MAIL: boutiquecosmetique@senteursdailleurs.com
Our waxings
Eyebrows (without facial)20 euros Eyebrows (with facial)25 euros Ears15 euros Nose15 euros Outer Cheeks15 euros Lip15 euros Chin15 euros Neck15 euros Shoulders15 euros Under arms20 euros Full arms30 euros Half arms20 euros Hands10 euros Torso35 euros Breasts10 euros Back45 euros Lower back25 euros Tummy20 euros Classic bikini30 euros Brazilian or American bikini45 euros Full bikini45 euros Bottom15 euros Half legs or thighs30 euros Full legs60 euros

Our tintings
Eyebrow20 euros To offer Eyelash30 euros To offer

*Discount if during a facial

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