The Brand

The best brush – Made in France

Established in the Jura and Oise valleys, French luxury brush making initially catered to the needs and wishes of Europe’s royal courts. The industry flourished until the beginning of the 20th century, when it was partly wiped out with the arrival of Asian products made mainly from petrochemical plastics, at much more attractive prices… To produce La Bonne Brosse, we have revived this unique craft and helped to revitalise the industry.

At La Bonne Brosse, we believe that reconnecting with your hair, its texture and how it falls is above all a matter of following simple gestures and using a virtuous tool that is as beautiful as it is effective.

Daily hair brushing ensures a healthy scalp, controlled sebum production, glossier locks, a strong, well-sheathed fibre and, last but not least, a moment of inner communion. However, you do need the right tool…

The Concept

La Bonne Brosse has been designed, above all, as a sustainable object. One that, while teaching us how to take care of our hair differently, encourages us to significantly reduce our consumption of cosmetics that sometimes use questionable ingredients and single-use plastic pollutants.

'The desire to bring new life to this object, and the gestures that go with it, seemed an obvious choice. So, we devised La Bonne Brosse from A to Z, creating the perfect tool, one that is capable of breathing new life into your hair with three core objectives in mind: An object that is as beautiful as it is effective, is part of the slow beauty movement, and is made in France.'

To develop La Bonne Brosse, we called upon a pool of experts based in, and outside Paris. On the one hand, dermatologists, aesthetics doctors, hairdressers, and acupuncturists spent months answering all our questions and carrying out tests on scalp and hair health and their physiological requirements. On the other, designers and craft workers with unrivalled expertise helped bring La Bonne Brosse to life.

The hairbrushes are made in the Oise region of France, where the best, traditional brush-making skills are to be found. Everything is handmade using the finest materials. The design process took place in Paris with specialists in the field of beautiful object design. The result is a beautiful, functional object that will bring a touch of cheer and design to your bathroom or handbag.

The founders Flore Des Roberts and Pauline Laurent

They were school friends, and have a passion for the beauty industry, each spending over 10 years working for major brands in the sector. Another thing they have in common is that they no longer know what to do with their hair to show it love and make it a worthy ally of their style. Wanting to give it a new lease of life, they examined the scalp and hair under a microscope.

They also considered all the ingredients and practices that are really good for them. All of this was backed up by fascinating meetings with France’s leading expert brush makers. Based on this extensive research, they are now convinced that hair beauty comes essentially from doing the right thing. That’s why, as a first step, they decided to fine-tune the perfect object in minute detail. An object capable of reviving the initial beauty of every type of hair: the hairbrush. This tool, which is essential for hair health, revives even the most tired, difficult, and unruly hair.

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